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Lincoln National Life Insurance Customer Service Phone Number

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (Lincoln Financial Group) provides customer service phone number for solve the customers query in United States. This company provides many type of insurance services like Life Insurance, Annuities, Funding Long-Term Care, Accident Insurance, Health Insurance, Retirement plans, Employee Benefits, Disability, Critical illness, Dental Insurance and much more.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Customer Service Contact Details

Life Insurance Customer Service Number:- 800-487-1485
Life Insurance Customer Service Fax Number:- 800-819-1987
Life Insurance Customer Service Email ID:-
Accident/Critical illness Customer Service Number:- 877-815-9256
Vision Customer Service Number:- 800-440-8453

Policy Prefix Specific Customer Service Contact Details

Policy Prefix Specific Customer Service Number:- 866-835-3223
Policy Prefix Specific Customer Service Fax Number:- 402-479-0164

Policies Originally Issued by Sovereign Contact Details

Customer Service Number:- 800-662-6142
Fax Number:- 336-759-3141

Lincoln National Life Insurance Claims Contact Details

Lincoln National Life Insurance Death Claims:-

Death Claims Customer Service Number:- 800-487-1485
Death Claims Customer Service Fax Number:- 336-691-3152
Death Claims Customer Service Email ID:-

Waiver of Premium or Long-Term Care Claims:-

Customer Service Number:- 800-487-1485
Customer Service Fax Number:- 336-691-4624

Individual Disability Policy Claims:-
Customer Service Number:- 877-546-3656
Fax Number:- 860-761-1801

Employer-Sponsored Group Benefit Claims:-
Customer Service Number:- 800-423-2765
Customer Service Fax Number:- 877-843-3950
Customer Service Email ID:-

Lincoln Financial Group Social Network Profile Pages

Facebook Profile Page:-
Twitter Profile Page:-
Youtube Profile Page:-
Linkedin Profile Page:-

Corporate Office Contact Details

Lincoln Financial Group
1300 South Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802-3506
United States
Phone Number:- 1-260-455-2000
Fax Number:- 260-455-5077

Lincoln National Life Insurance Official Website:-

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