Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Farmers Helpline Number India

Farmers Helpline Number India:  18001801551 [Toll Free]
It is a Kisaan Call Center number for farmers in the India.

E-learning Portal on Agricultural Education [e-KrishiShiksha]:

Farmers Helpline Number India

Farmers help portal:
The portal is available in languages like English, Hindi and other regional languages. It is helpful to get agriculture related news, information, video tutorials of farming, crop diseases, crop management, weather forecasting etc.

Kisaan Knowledge Management System:

Phone contact details of agriculture experts area wise:

Weather related information [Agricultural Meteorology Division]

Weather related information helpline number: 18001801717 [Toll Free]

State & Department wise websites related to agriculture in the India

Farmer registration form [For Free SMS Based Farming Updates]
A system has been developed by India Meteorological Department and Ministry of Agriculture to provide weather based agromet advisories to the farming community through free SMS. To avail this service, farmers are requested to get registered with their names and mobile numbers along the crops. Once registered, farmers will receive SMS for their specific crops every week on day to day agricultural operations as well as extreme weather events.

Kisan Seva Kendra
Email contact:
Helpline Number: 09540031808

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