Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MTNL Customer Care Number, Mumbai

Assistance Regarding MTNL Landline: 1500 or 22221500

Assistance Regarding Internet / Triband: 1504 0r 1800228844 or 22221504 or 1800221500 (Broadband)

Assistance Regarding GARUDA Mobile: 1502 or 22221502

Assistance Regarding DOLPHIN /TRUMP: 1503 or 9869012345 or 22221503  

Assistance Regarding MTNL IPTV/ VoIP (Aksh optifibre): 126555

Directory Enquiry: 197

STD code enquiry Service: 1582

Public Grievance Service: 1509

MTNL Mumbai

IN Services: 1800221500

MTNL Trustline (Digital certificate): 23690015, 23690016, 23690077

Fault Booking (Complaint) (Landline & Broadband): 198 (Call 1500 for operator Assistance)

Fault Booking (Lease Circuit): 12676 , 22652225

Changed Number Announcement: 1951

Know your Landline/Broadband unpaid Bill Amount Details: 1660(Toll free) or Dial 022-22192120(From All Operators)

Know your Landline/Broadband unpaid Bill Amount through SMS: Send SMS Bill ‹Landline No› to 51001

MTNL Customer Care Contact Using Website

Book Online Complaint for Landline, Broadband, FTTH or other MTNL services: http://mtnlmumbai.in/index.php/customer-care/complaints

Online Bill Payment Options: http://mtnlmumbai.in/index.php/customer-care/bill-payment-options

MTNL Customer Service Centers(CSCs) Contact Details, Mumbai:  http://mtnlmumbai.in/index.php/csc-locations

Connect to MTNL via Android Mobile Apps: http://selfcare.mtnl.net.in/Mumbai/AndroidApps.aspx

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